Unique Golden


Day tours in Lapland

We offer you four different valuable and memorable days of experience. You can choose those circles that are close to your heart and interest: Arctic Golden Circle, Santa’s Circle, Lapland Circle and Active Golden Circle. 

Do you love culture, local tastes and authenticity? Is local history close to your heart? Do you want to find the core of the nature at the Arctic Circle? Maybe you prefer aesthetic values and beauty. Or do you want to feel the adrenalin and the laughter bubbling from deep inside? Breath in, open your mind and get ready to travel up north, all the way to Arctic Circle, and find your golden memories that are hidden here.

Arctic Golden Circle concept is composed of four days, each unique with its own theme and highlights. Choose the circle(s) that touches you and become part of the adventure.

With these exclusive Golden Circles, we want you to find happiness, excitement, magic and beauty of Lapland, at the Arctic Circle. Take the chance to find something new, something special and something that will last. These unique experiences will give you the finest golden memories that will stay with you for life.